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Make history with hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring has quite the history as one of the most durable and gorgeous floor coverings of all time. Stunning and classic in a variety of settings, you’ll find it matches your decor with ease, whatever your artistic leanings. At the same time, you’ll find it stands up well under heavy traffic, especially when properly cared for and maintained. Overall, it’s well worth spending a little more money to acquire, since it’s likely to be the last time you’ll ever shop for flooring.

GM Flooring, LLC carries an extensive line of flooring materials, complete with the services needed to make them come to life on your own floors. You’ll find our prices incredibly competitive and easily fit into your budget. If you’re in the Reynoldsburg, OH area and find yourself in need of flooring, please feel free to stop in and discuss your needs with us. We currently serve the communities of Reynoldsburg, Columbus, Pickerington, Canal Winchester, and Pataskala. We’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Pickerington, OH from GM Flooring, LLC

Hardwood facts just for you

As with any high-quality floor covering, there are some important pieces of information you should have to make your experience much better. For instance, you should know that hardwood flooring can never be installed in below-grade spaces such as basements. If you have spaces like these that need flooring, we can suggest some great alternatives, but solid wood is a no-go for these spaces.

You’ll also need to know in advance that solid hardwood should have at least 24 to 72 hours to acclimate to your specific environment. This assures that you won’t see buckling, warping, or cracking soon after installation, as can happen when acclimation is not completed. It’s important to make sure this flooring isn’t going to be in areas where temperatures fluctuate often, as well, or where dampness and humidity can occur quickly.

With this floor covering, you’ll be able to choose your own wood species, stain color, and finish type. By making these choices, you’ll find it quite easy to personalize a look all your own. For species selection, make sure your flooring specialist helps choose one that fits your home’s activity level. A wire brushed or hand-scraped finish can help cover up signs of wear as well, for a great ability to reach the flooring’s intended lifespan. Overall, this floor covering is one you shouldn’t pass over without researching further.

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